Advanced Forex PSP Solutions

In literal terms, PSP is the abbreviation of Payment Service Provider, is a software solution that enables businesses to receive payments online from their client. On the other hand, Forex PSP solutions play a crucial role in the FX industry. Since our gateways work seamlessly with the merchant accounts, it becomes easy for the brokerage agencies to receive payments from the traders.

Fraud Scrub Technology

Our PSP solutions use fraud scrub technology to stop fraudulent activities with the merchant account.

Anti-Money Laundering

It come with an anti-money laundering filter to stop money laundering activities with trading accounts.

Multi-currency payment processing

Our PSP solutions at the time of accepting payment generally accept in multi-currencies.

Numerous Transactions

Our brokerage agencies can receive payments from their traders in the form of dollars and euros.

Features of FX PSP Solution

Our PSP solutions are easy to use for all brokerage agencies across the globe. At the same time, you can also integrate this with your FX brokerage system at once.

Reasonable Fees

FX PSP solutions charge a reasonable fee ranging from one percent to three percent for online FX trading transactions.

Easy Integration

The FX PSP solutions enable a brokerage agency to integrate their FX trading software and earn profit at once.

Secured Transactions

As a broker, you can perform secure financial transactions with your clients seamlessly. The PSP works via PCI level 1 compliance.

Anti-Scam Filter

Our FX PSP at Brokeret uses an anti-scam filter to stop scam activities when a sensitive transaction goes between a broker and a trader.

Offer Security

All sensitive transactions take place securely by using secured payment gateways.

Robust Reporting tool

All transactions for your brokerage agency get recorded into our robust reporting tool.

Benefits of FX PSP

We at Brokeret design a user-friendly PSP solution for the FX brokerage agencies. One can easily integrate it with their FX trading software seamlessly. Most of the sensitive transactions take place securely so that your merchant account credentials not falling in wrong hands.

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Multiple Payment Gateways

Our FX PSP solutions are easy to use. The brokerage agencies use them because they can receive payment from their clients through multiple payment gateways.