We at Brokeret well known for offering a full FIX API Bridge solution to the brokerage agencies for all their advanced WL trading platforms. One can also link it to trading platform. It also comes with a free coverage account for your convenience.

What is Fix API?

In literal terms, FIX (Foreign information exchange) API (Application Programming Interface) is an electronic communication protocol used for financial information exchange in the FX market. We use it for communication between a broker and a liquidity provider within our trading platform.

How Does Social Trading work?

With our user-friendly SKOD social trading platform good traders can become signal providers and show their trading statistics in leaderboard. Those who like it can subscribe to signals and copy every new position.
  • Traders opens a master account and it appears in leaderboard
  • He deposits his own money and start trading
  • Better he trades, the better positions his account has in leaderboard
  • nvestors are looking at top accounts and if they like statistics- they simply subscribe to them
  • Once investors are subscribed, they start getting all positions copied to their accounts
  • If they make profits, they pay to strategy provider according to accepted fees schedule